Day 1

  • Freedom Square

    The main square of the city.

  • Gabriadze clock Tower

    One of Tbilisi's most emblematic structures is one of its newest - the higgledy-piggledy clock tower, like something out of a fairy tale, outside the Gabriadze puppet theatre. At twelve o'clock angel pops out of a door on the top and trikes the bell outside with a hammer.

  • Blue House of Old Tbilisi

    A clear example of old Tbilisi courtyards

  • Lunch

  • Tbilisi History Museum

    Located in a restored caravanserai as a way of representing the city’s significant historic role of the Silk Road route, the museum exhibits more than 50 000 artifacts including ceramics, weapons, musical instruments, coins, and textiles from the Bronze Age.

  • Bridge of Peace

    A shell-like pedestrian bridge on the Mtkvari river links the ancient historic center of Tbilisi, to the east, with a park on the west side from which the new city begins.

  • Rike Park

    This attractive flowery expanse along the eastern riverbank, with its winding paths, pools, and fountains, is joined to the west side of the Mtkvari by the Bridge of Peace.

  • Queen Darejan Palace

    Hanging like a bird's nest on a steep cliff, the palace is a former royal summer residence of Queen Darejan. The unique and elegant abode enchants its visitors with turquoise wooden balcony overlooking the old part of the city.

  • Metekhi Church (viewpoint)

    The church is one of the oldest in Tbilisi. The temple is located on the top of a cliff with an incredible view over the city.

  • Dinner

Day 2

  • Sulphur Baths

    No visit to Tbilisi would be complete without a soak in one of the traditional Sulphur baths. Choose a lavish private spa experience, or opt for the communal pools – there’s plenty of choice in the bath district.

  • Abanotubani

    Filled with dome-shaped bathhouses, the oldest district in Tbilisi wows its visitors with the timeless architecture and picturesque setting.

  • Leghvtakhevi

    Just a few minutes stroll from Abanotubani to the cave-like hallway will lead to the small but charming waterfall, which was previously part of Tbilisi's Botanical Garden.

  • Botanical Garden

    Former royal pleasure grounds adjoining Fig Gorge, where you can spend an afternoon exploring the cultivated and wilder sections.

  • Lunch

  • Narikala Fortress

    Dominating the Old Town skyline, Narikala Fortress dates right back to the 4th century. The fortress offers some of the best panoramic views over the city.

  • Mother of Georgia

    This 20m-tall aluminum symbol of Tbilisi holds a sword in one hand and a cup of wine in the other – a classic metaphor for the Georgian character, warmly welcoming guests and passionately fighting off enemies.

  • Kaleidoscope House

    This eye-catching vintage house is the only house decorated with colorful stained glass windows. The old building dates back to the 19th century and is one of the distinct attractions, having preserved its stained glass windows for over a hundred years.

  • Dinner

Day 3

  • Orbeliani Square

    Newly reconstructed area of Tbilisi offers its visitors some of the most impressive residential buildings of the city, including traditional courtyards and festively decorated entrance halls. Besides, the flower market in the center of the square is the biggest and the most fascinating in the city.

  • Former Hotel London Entrance

    Former Hotel London decorated in Art Nouveau style is currently an entrance hall in a residential building. The hotel welcomed numerous famous guests, such as Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun and Russian composer Tchaikovsky.

  • Dry Bridge Flea Market

    In this extraordinary market, the visitors can find the mesmerizing collection of antiques, jewelry, and bric-a-brac on sale.

  • Lunch

  • New Tiflis

    The enchanting Avenues resembles an architectural “mosaic” such as Renaissance and Baroque as well as Classical and Modern.The buildings are accompanied by entrance halls decorated with “Art Salon” style and Rococo ornaments.

  • Fabrika

    Alternative industrial place, popular for gathering and socializing among local youth and international travellers.

  • Dinner